Daffnie Kline Black Rock Desert
Daffnie Kline Amsterdam

As an international paramour, I am an avid traveler and my passport stays almost as busy as I do! Frequently indulging in one of my most treasured passions, you will be able to schedule with me across the globe. My kinetic spirit gravitates towards new cities, craving the culture and charisma that I have yet to uncover with each new journey.

I hold a US passport and am available for intimate, discreet liaisons worldwide. I am available at short notice to travel to you anywhere. Depending on my current location and the distance it takes to get to you, airfare will generally be required. Flights in excess of five hours must be in business class or first class. Fly me to you or let's escape together!

FULL DAY . . . $3,500

WEEKEND . . . $6,000

SEVEN DAYS . . . $12,000


*Dream destinations have their own tribute structure. See more here!